The hill of the cross

Sutra masters marketing

A simple consultation of the records of PetitFaitout allows you to discover on your strange skylight page developed by Adam and his companion. From which it emerges that Adam lives on a neighboring island with the creature coming from his side. The images on this page are those of a happy couple with posts that are always a bit the same. We can see the couple who are guzzling heaps of fruits and vegetables with occasional image of barbecue because there are a lot of animals on the island and they provide a delicious meat.
The couple has established a special relationship with Kama. The flesh of this rabbit is certainly succulent and it could well be on the menu but in the meantime this happy event they have great pleasure to caress it.
Flowers bloom in clean air and bees come foraging them. When the wind blows it produces a nice music with the leaves of the trees and this music matches very well with that produced by the stream whose water is perfectly transparent. The climate is mild with just a little bit of rain to water the vegetables that Adam is going to pick. For the clothes we stay rather in the rudimentary, and Eve has adopted a very simple outfit.
They're happy. They indulge in simple pleasures to which the rabbit Kama sometimes comes to associate with his friend the snake Sutra. To them both Kama and Sutra are the peer and with their overflowing imagination they organize all kinds of games.
Adam, on the other hand, is suspicious of Sutra, which sometimes has bizarre speeches. Sutra claims that there is a fruit that can get all the knowledge of the boss. Adam is right to be suspicious because the traits of Sutra character seem intimately linked to its smooth and viscous forms through which it can come insinuate in any corner. Adam and Eve do not have a mind much bigger than a thimble and their thirst to know is just as limited. Since he already masters some secret corners of his body, it is in the meanders of the reptilian brain of Eve that Sutra finds the easiest way to intrude.
- Miss Eve you are quite wonderful and as my various explorations have allowed me to verify you you have physical assets quite extraordinary. Yet you miss this little bit more without which you will not be able to evolve in the world.
- And what is this little plus my good Sutra?
- Dear Eve, you have to master the English language, but rather than a long and difficult apprenticeship in this apple. You will see that the effect is immediate, some apples and you will speak fluently English.

Guilty Pleasure

There are ten apples on the tree and by picking those fruits Eve is reveling in a new pleasure, the one that gives her her guilt. Before proposing to his companion Eve makes a duty to taste the fruit. This apple does not trigger immediate effects and has no consequences for the future of humanity. Indeed to create Eve boss has a little tinkering. Rather than completely redoing the model he cloned a piece detached from the male element. If Eve can eat as many apples as she wishes she still keeps one for Adam and always, one for thirst.
>>>> Eating
>>>> It takes at least two
Adam and Eve are one but it seems that this time the female part of the couple is experiencing an event of extreme intensity. Things could have stopped there but they are a very united couple. What one has tasted, the other must taste as well and Adam responds to Eve's invitation. In turn he crunches an apple.
>>> Sin
>>> Sin to advance!

GoodGold gets angry

"Happy are the poor in spirit ..." Until then the GoodGold was satisfied to deal with a nice couple certainly, but a little limited to the intellectual level. According to the current contract the Boss was managing his planet and the couple Adam and Eve had to content themselves with enjoying their benefits without trying to understand. Sometimes the GoodGold mumbled in his beard: "They are nice but still they are a little stupid!" But the, big problem ! The boss is angry and he decides that Adam and Eve will no longer be able to enjoy the benefits of the garden. They will have to work and earn money. And in addition, they will no longer have the right to make the figures of pages 58 to 237 of the Book.

Work Consume Sin

Eve has changed. She is not satisfied with apples anymore, but she needs burgers and Coca Cola. She is now overweight, often depressed and crying for nothing. His therapist confesses helpless to relieve her and with regard to the English language she baragouines barely a few words. Everything has become more complicated. We must now work to be able to feed ourselves and the innocent pleasures have become sins.
It takes an apple to work because any expenditure of energy requires a fuel.
With a penny we buy an apple or we buy an indulgence. To work causes an expenditure of energy. The energy consumed in the form of an apple makes it possible to obtain two sous.
It's not funny every day but there is a paradise. To enter it one must have freed one's sinners. For the sinners having some financial means the remission of the sins is bought with the catholic church Roman. An indulgence makes it possible to erase a sin, but only the church is able to carry out the operation. A marvel.
We must work to feed ourselves and to buy indulgences and not to muffle the sins that could weigh down the bill.
>>> Work
>>> Eat
>>> Pecher
>>> Indulgence
>>> remission
You must be free from sin to advance