Intrusive and introspective tree
   How are you ? The answer is likely to be a distressing banality. In our meetings we preserve an area beyond which any approach risks being considered intrusive. A common answer is not to answer by returning the question. It could however be a prerequisite to other questions: Do you like? You think ? You trust? You know ? A random draw gives you a text in which you identify with the one who loves, the one who trusts or the one who does not believe. These texts have the advantage of being able to be read on a mobile phone. In this first version the number of questions has been limited to ten and there are ten answers for each question. However, the growth of the tree is not limited.

ISBN 978-2-9532817-1-2
The world accordîg to J.C.
   What is this verb at the beginning? As it is not easy to choose among all these verbs, as much use them to write a beautiful story. There is a man and a woman who live a beautiful love story in a garden. They do not use pesticides and everyone lives in peace, including carnivorous animals who prefer to eat grass rather than eat each other. Adam and Eve are happy in the company of their friends Kama the monkey and Sutra the serpent. This may last forever, but this small community feels threatened by a terrible evil. Yet God watches and keeps an old tower in reserve to allow humanity to escape from boredom. Apples, sins and pennies to buy indulgences are the main ingredients of the game. So begins the story of Jules.
ISBN 978-2-9532817-4-3